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ReginaGarsonThis redesign and new URL location of my blog is a coming together of various online writing and blog projects. It is also a migration of the various to WordPress. Although I am among the last living Internet dinosaurs that held out writing their own HTML, with the change, I no longer do the code on every independent page I write. What that boils down to is more time spent writing words and less time tweaking the code.

While I moved a few favorite posts, and will move a few more later, I have not attempted to migrate everything I have ever written on the various blogs to this site. They are all still on the original sites, some of which include: Regina Garson’s Blog on Blogger, my column on Forward Progressives, a couple columns on; there is other here and there as well, and if you really want to dig through my writing, my archive is still up (albeit in serious need of an update).

My blogging will continue in much the same vein as before. The main difference is that, as much as possible, all of the various are being brought together under the same roof/domain, thus the various categories, which you see at the top of the page.


Author Interviews  — New!

For a while, I’ve been in the process of consolidating and moving my various to this blog. I am finally ready for guests. Author interview slots are now being accepted. These will fall under the “On Writing” category and will focus on craft and aspects of the writing business. Mainstream authors are welcome, as are authors in topic areas that have some level of compatibility with the blog and interest to its readers. Although they could get a little steamy, referenced, plugged, publications should generally be PG or below on the rating standards. Although interviews are new to this blog, I had a few on the previous. If there is an interest, scan through the blog to see if it feels compatible.  Then send me an email and tell me about yourself and your writing.



The political issues are mostly being moved back to my old blog, most of what is here going forward will be social issue related.  The balance between political and social issues may change to some degree since I have become increasingly politically involved on a face-to-face/real-life, as opposed to just writing and a few memes basis.


On Life

We all change with time. I went through a number of changes after a freak accident nearly did me in. At times, I have been impatient to put the healing behind me, but it continues and turned into a time of much introspection. One of my changes in the last year is that I was ordained as a minister in the Universal Life Church and I enrolled in my first seminary class. I am aware that many people take that ordination to perform weddings and such, I went that route as an inter-faith adjunct to the work that I have already been doing, most especially with Magic Stream, which has always had a somewhat covert spiritual mission focus, whatever that means. I guess it means that my spirituality is coming out of the closet. For all the consolidation of my various blogging efforts, Magic Stream will remain a separate site. However, there will be more focus on personal growth and human-interest type stories in On Life.


Out & About

Back when I wrote for Examiner, I did some local interest pieces. That is going to continue, but evolve into more of a roadtripping, Out & About, scenario.



On Writing

Another change is that I will be doing more on writing and the business of writing than I did before. On a real-life, everyday basis, writers talk writing. They go to meetings and conferences and they get together with other writers and talk about writing. Whereas I have done some of that over the years, I never got out that much, but it will be covered more here and as with the previous blog, I will occasionally feature the work of other writers.


Guest Posts

Speaking of other writers, I still also do occasional guest posts. So if there is an interest or you have a thought, email me, let me know. These stories could be in some way inspirational, perhaps of a personal experience that you have overcome, a problem you have confronted or just having fun. Although all ages are welcome, if there are age specific aspects, the slant, or at least consideration should be toward older readers.


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