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After a Long Hard Winter

I woke up this morning thinking about Spring. It’s here. Finally.

It’s been a long hard winter. Although it hasn’t been that bitterly cold in my area, in the past few months, I have said goodbye to folks that I never thought I’d say goodbye to. We said goodbye to my Uncle Raymond last fall. Some of the earliest memories of my life are traveling the trail between our houses as I skipped along to see him and my Aunt Billie.

He planted strawberries along that trail, as if some kind of magic fairyland in my childhood mind, popping the sweetest strawberries in my mouth as I skipped along the trail to visit with my beloved aunt and uncle. A strawberry growing along the path would surely bring me to a stop. I have strawberries in my own garden now and I think of him every time I tend them.

In the past months, there were others passed away who were on the periphery of my life. Some way too young. Left children of their own. Hearts breaking everywhere. One of the women in my support group passed away as well. A lot of us have our own little support group that we don’t talk a lot about but we sure need, truth be known, I need mine too. And I love every one of those women, we have sure traveled a road together. That was a sad loss in a whole lot of ways. All excruciating sad losses. It does seem that winter is a time of loss.

That too is part of life and the older we get, we see it more and more, faster and faster it seems. Even more heartbreaking, some of the ones who passed away this winter were so very young to be saying goodbye to this world.

In the middle of all these goodbyes, and on top of everything else, I got everything that went around over the past few months. It wasn’t just me though, it seems like a lot of people have been spending a whole lot of time under the weather, if not flat out sick, this past winter. More than a couple were¬† sick all winter. And normally, I very seldom get really sick at all. Freak accidents are another story. But one month, I had a stomach bug, another I had a cold, and then I got the crud, which I had l always heard of but never actually had before. It wasn’t just me though, this stuff was going around, and then it’d go around again.

Self-employed people don’t actually get sick leave though, so it’s been some kind of trip. Hacking and coughing and crying and trying to get my work done anyway. I am not gearing up for a pity party though, not at all, it’s time to wipe those tears, celebrate the changing season, give thanks for returning good health, and put away the old.

If winter is a season of dormancy and death, spring is the season of hope. New life, a coming together of those who survived another long hard winter. A solemn and sad goodbye to those who didn’t. Life sure can be hard sometimes but there is no doubt it is for living. Namaste. May you be blessed and love to you all. Happy Vernal Equinox! Happy Spring!

The strawberry watercolor was drawn in 1890 by Deborah Griscom Passmore (USDA).


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