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Would You Like To Link-Up?

No, I am not talking about dating. I am talking about online networking. I am doing an old fashioned link networking page, meaning that it will be updated along the way, and except for submitting the information in the comments, it is not automated. Those things came and went a long time ago.

The page will include links to groups of which I am a part, some links are to fellow bloggers, some are real-life friends, others are colleagues past and present, and others are mutually supportive in various ways. It is all about online networking.

The way this started, one of the folks on one of the blog groups was talking about reciprocating back links. That rang a great big bell. Back when I started my first webpage, when the World Wide Web really was still young, everybody who was in the same field was falling all over each other trying to get a link to everybody else. We were all linking up to as many people as we could.

Some of this may sound counterproductive, since we were clearly going out-of-our way to link our competitors as well, and everybody was doing it. From a larger perspective, what we were doing, which we mostly did not have a clue of understanding at that point, is that we were getting ourselves out there in the search engines. In an online networking, feed the search engines kind of way, the more external links there are to your page, the better.

That blog discussion the other day was a timely reminder of the importance of outside links, which is one thing that has always helped when it comes to online efforts. Being real, one link is probably not going to make a whole lot of difference, to work this one, you really do need to get out there and network with your online pals. Your reciprocal links do not have to be on your front page. I am putting mine on a separate link page under the “About” category on my blog.

How to Participate

Everybody is welcome, almost everybody, my blog is still G-rated. This is not just about blogging though. It can also include fellow authors, web publishers, musicians, and various other creative, media and business types.

If you are into online networking as well and would like to swap links, leave a comment with your URL as to what you are about and how you handle your own online networking links. They will all however start in the comments and be moved up onto the page as we go. For now, all the links will be on this page, if the need arises, I’d subdivide the pages later.

PS: As noted, my site is mostly G-rated and I plan to keep it that way. Therefore, I reserve the right to refuse any one link for any given reason, including moral or ethical reasons, or if it is not family friendly. If the work we do is mutually compatible, as all good networks are, the links should be as well.

Blogger Groups

Alabama Women Bloggers
Rocket City Bloggers

Blogger Pals

Denis Doan — Blogging on Travel, Business and Psychology


Magic Stream — My first website, among the earliest online self-help resources, and it is still up.

YouTube Channels

Clem Taylor — An online family friend, his channel is mostly karoke and quite good.

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