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Sometimes you have to laugh, more like roll on the floor laughing out loud. I am not saying that it went viral, but I finally got a little political blog post up on My Two Cents, my political commentary blog. It was on Abortion Politics in Alabama. At this point, it has already done better than any post that I have ever published on a personal blog or webpage. Being real, some of the things that I have written and had out on larger political sites, such as Forward Progressives, have got a whole lot more traffic, but for a little Alabama girl’s personal Blogger site, which I am in the process of transitioning back to politics, this post on Abortion Politics is not doing bad at all.

As to the transitioning, for a while, I’ve been sorting out my political and my personal blogs into separate blog sites, each with an entirely different point of focus. That is what you do when you realize that you are all over the map.  My Two Cents is commentary on political and social issues and this one is more a personal blog, with a boomer lifestyle focus. Although sometimes I may talk a little about political life (i.e., this is a lifestyle blog and I am politically involved), and touch on an occasional social issue, like the Empty Chair at the Holiday Table Campaign, the actual politics are going over to My Two Cents.

In the meantime though, more giggles, alongside the traffic on Abortion Politics, some folks somewhere apparently felt that with my intent to be writing about politics once more, maybe they ought to be checking out my politics. So, “Let’s Run,” a post I did a while back here on Regina Garson’s Blog, when I was running for a delegate position at the Democratic National Convention back in 2016, is also getting an unusual amount of traffic. Especially when you consider that it is an older blog post and it is not on a current event, much less evergreen content, like a recipe or DIY (do it yourself).

Anyway, in that post, I announced the fact that I was running for a delegate slot, gave a good run down of my background, education and experience and talked about the issues that I felt were important at the time. You’d think that I was running for governor, or something, but nope, I was just running for a delegate position. Being real, it was a testing the water kind of thing, to start getting a feel for how things might work and how they were done in that part of the political arena; I liked that water just fine.

As to folks checking me out, that is just fine with me. I tell you one thing, if you don’t honestly know a thing about a candidate’s background or what they think about the issues, you need to be moving on along. It could be that is true with some writers as well, depending on what they are writing about. If it is a novel or some good curl up and read some good fiction, I am not sure that it matters about their education, experience and background on the various, but if they are writing on issues and things that are important to you, it could be that you might want to know where they are coming from. Anyway, that delegate election is long past. I didn’t win, but I put myself out there and I did very respectably for a first run.

Now, for whatever reason, folks are now reading that post again, so be it. Join the conversation. I have good solid experience writing about political issues, and serving in an editorial capacity too, good solid background education on the various social issues as well as a whole lot of community service experience. I have been active politically on a local level, as I have been able, and this run marked my first time to make it on a ballot. It was all good. I learned a lot and met a lot of good people.

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