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Social Media — Landing and Information Page

SocialMediaRegina Garson’s Official Facebook Writer Page — A Facebook “Like” page. Most of what is posted here is writing related, or has to do with my own writing. Sometimes I share other as well. I attempt to keep my politics and opinions off this page, but sometimes I slip up.

Y’all — Southern culture focused Facebook page.

Twitter — @ReginaGarson. Unless there is a clear disconnected question on the morals and values, I will pretty much follow you back. Sometimes it takes a week or two though, day jobs and all.

Goodreads — Goodreads is like a Facebook for readers and writers.

Google Plus — +ReginaGarson.

LinkedIn — If you would like to connect professionally, I am almost always up for a little networking, especially in the writing, media and communications business, aerospace, and actually music as well, since that is pretty much where I spent the first half of my life. And I love the business of business, so definitely connect if you are so inclined.

Pinterest — I am not very active on Pinterest, but I do have an account. It tends to be heavy on recipes (yes I love to cook) and political memes.


Self-help and Wellness Online — Magic Stream

Magic Stream is a multi-faceted literary e-zine, mental health, self-help and wellness resource. The primary focus is on personal growth and the universal in human emotion. With a mind/body focus, emotional fitness is approached in much the same way as physical fitness and very frequently in a like manner, since the two are so inextricably related. Among the earliest online self-help resources, I started Magic Stream in 1994.  I was pretty slow bringing the site onto Facebook, but a Magic Stream Community Page on Facebook is the most recent Magic Stream upgrade.

   Magic Stream Homepage

Magic Stream Blog — This blog served as a discussion board for the Magic Stream site, and is being partially being incorporated with this current.


For Teachers

Magic Stream Teacher’s Page — As some say, once a teacher, always a teacher. Anyway, “Issues, Conflict and Emotion in the Classroom: Resources for Teachers” is posted on Magic Stream. However, it also has links to some of the rocket science focused Teaching Resources I helped put together for the folks at NASA, other classroom resources that I compiled when I taught computer courses at Virginia College, and some that I used for my English courses.


Politics and Activism

Grassroot Rag on Facebook — Political discussion dedicated to grassroots political activism, with a heavy focus on healthcare reform, the war on drugs, marijuana prohibition, and medical marijuana laws. Readers are welcome to post and join in the discussions.


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