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My Stump Speech

VoteReginaIf I had one, this would be my stump speech, at least the online version. I am asking for your support as an Uncommitted Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention for Alabama Congressional District #5 [Note: if you already know who you are voting for as president, you need to vote for candidates who are pledged to them, so zilch that].

Although I have lived in Huntsville for over thirty years, I was born in Birmingham and raised out in the country, in Shelby County, between Montevallo and Pea Ridge. My first degree was in Advertising/Communications from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and later I went back for another degree, Behavioral Science and English double major, at Athens State College, now University. I am an editor, writer, blogger, and former educator.


Why a Democrat?

Being real, I wasn’t always a Democrat. My decision, “conversion” from Republican to Democrat grew out of my life experiences, what I learned in the work that I did, my education, what I saw growing up, and piecing it all together in this thing called life.

There is much stereotyping in assuming that one is a Democrat because they are liberal and lazy and believe that they deserve something, namely handouts. I got my first degree in three years. My folks helped me the first year; the rest was on me and I worked two jobs to get through. I was a Republican all through college.

I am part of the 99%. I work for a living. And although it is not very trendy to admit these days, I identify with the working class. And I am proud of it. When did that pride in hard work change in this country? My daddy was a country preacher, and if there is one thing he taught me, it was to work hard. I don’t know how Democrats got stereotyped as lazy, since, if they are able, most of the ones that I know have their sleeves rolled up high. The thing about working though is that whatever work you do, you collect a certain amount of experience, and you learn things. That experience is what led not just to me changing parties, but also to my interest in running politically.


My Professional Experience and Training

One thing that I learned in my career as a writer and editor is that people do not always get good information about what is really going on in politics or the issues. A lot of that has to do with what gets covered and what doesn’t, the slant on the stories, i.e., what folks in charge want you to hear. Early in my career, I was still on the conservative side. The change was gradual and came after I got my second degree and had covered one too many issues one too many times.

Going from Republican to Democrat was not an emotional decision, but a logical decision after significant experience dealing with such things as workplace and labor issues, race, diversity, women’s issues, equality, etc., with a heavy focus on the economic aspects of them all. There is more than one reason that Alabama is so poor, and we really are. We are #48 economically. out of the 50 states.

That realization was most definitely a part of my coming of age politically. I have been thinking about getting more politically involved for a while, I mean more than before, with articles, blog postsFacebook shares, political meetings and such. I  saw the delegate position as an opportunity to start learning about the day-to-day of the business of politics. I also think that I can do a good job with it.

The day after qualifying ended, I was on the road to Montgomery for some political training. After that, I headed down to UAB for AAUW’s Alabama Ready to Run training for women in politics. I’ve attended other at the Madison County Democratic Headquarters as well.


Running “Uncommitted”

Most of the delegates are supporting one or the other candidate, but I am running as Uncommitted. At the time of qualifying, I thought long and hard, but I really was uncommitted, and I was well aware that there was more that we would learn about the candidates along the way. When I do make my decision as to who to vote for, it will be based on the facts, and with the consideration that I am doing my best to make the best decision for the good of the country and especially the people in this state.

In addition to the awareness that we seriously need some change in this state, my motivation for running includes the ability to use the platform to educate on some of the issues that because of my experience, I know are important and also, because of my experience, I am well aware do not get the coverage they need. It goes without saying that if the issues do not get the coverage they need, there is little chance that people are honestly well informed on them. I see that as one of the major problems facing Alabama today.

There is also another thing, for the well-being of this state and the people in it, we seriously need more good people to get involved in politics. One unopposed candidate on a ballot is not a real election. How many times have we seen that? Are people so discouraged that they don’t even want to try? I see that as a problem, and it could be that is sinking in with the number of people running for delegate positions. Nevertheless, a whole lot more people need to get out there and run to really make significant change and it can be done, but not if everybody in the state waits for somebody else to do it.

Although I have written and worked editorially with various political and social issues for years, I have never run for any office and I have a lot to learn about the day-to-day of politics. I am working on that already. However, to honestly do a good job for the people, on the political front, you really do have to have a handle on the issues and how those issues affect those people on an everyday basis.

Vote for me

With my experience, my strength is in my ability to get to the heart of the issues, both the good and the bad as to what is really going on, and how everyday people are really being affected. That is surely an asset, with this election in particular, but with other as well. With that, I hope that you will consider me, if you are voting uncommitted, as an Uncommitted Delegate for Alabama Congressional District #5 to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

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