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Theme Songs — Take it to the end of the line…

EndOfLineWe all have some kind of philosophy to get us through whatever it is we are dealing with. I like my theme songs. On the everyday, I think having a good theme song helps you get through the day. It has helped me a lot of times.They tend to change, depending on what is going on in your life at the time.

A dear cousin who was facing the end of a long battle with cancer shared “Caledonia” as her favorite. When she was gone, the significance of that song to her was profound.

In our own way, we all have the things we have to deal with on the everyday, including our own mortality. Much of last few years, I wasn’t wonderfully confident I would ever see the new year. Somewhere along the way though, I resolved inside that whatever time I had left, I was going to live it to the max. As the saying goes, “Take it to the end of the line.” Do the best I could with what time I had left. What is really important? When you hit that point, you sure do some thinking.

BlueLine-SmallIf you only had one day left, how would you spend it? People talk about their “bucket lists,” but it is a different state of being when you get up in the morning rushing around because in your mind, you really are not confident you will ever see another day.

When I came to that realization, and we all do sooner or later, but to me, this was not a time to weep, I really felt deep down that I had a lot I wanted to get done before I am gone.

My sweet daughter thought it was morbid seeing me rush around trying to get things done with the literal mindset that this might be it. I knew beyond any doubt that there was no guarantee of tomorrow. We all say it, but we don’t really know if and we sure don’t feel it. But none of us has a guarantee. To be human is to be mortal. As surely as we walk this earth, one day we will leave it. Sooner or later, the time will for us all to say goodbye. In the meantime, all we can do is the best we can with what we got and the time we got left.

Thinking at least to let go of the morbidity of it all, I considered a new theme song, then I changed my mind. “Take it to the end of the line.” That’s it. The one by the Traveling Wilburys, that’s my theme song.

I don’t know how many times I have listened to that song. When I would feel discouraged, I would listen to it one more time to remind me, even though maybe things were not exactly the way I would like, I do have life and as long as I am living, I have choices. I reminded myself of that over and over. And then I would listen to the song again, just to remind myself one more time.

Funny though, as my recovery continued, and I felt my strength returning, my theme song changed one more time to reflect what was going on inside, and I reverted way back to the sixties and the Doors. Nothing was easy, but it was time again for change.

The music lived on and so did life.

Do you have a theme song, something you turn on and you turn up loud to get you through the day, to get you through whatever it is you have to face?BlueLine-Small

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