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#NoNotoriety Trophy Gun

Trayvon4The big news this week was that the killer of Trayvon Martin was going to auction off the gun that he used to kill him. As if in doing so, he aspired to and was deserving of some kind of recognition as a hero, that the gun was some kind of trophy. A blood trophy. A celebration of the kill. Call it what it is.

No matter how you feel about the non-guilty verdict in that case, no matter which side of that case you were on, and make no mistake, we all had a side, but on every level imaginable, the case was troubling. A young man lost his life. A family lost one of their own. Parents were left to mourn. And none of that says anything of the racial inequalities that we can’t seem to get past in this country.

A trophy would indicate some kind of victory. A triumph well earned. A cause of celebration. Something has gone seriously wrong in a world where a grown man considers it an act of valor to stalk and gun down a kid because he doesn’t like the way he looks. Is any one of us safe when that is a defense for murder? Too many lives have already been lost. If you take everything else away from the Trayvon Martin Case, that is all you have left.

Remember the victim, not the killer.
Let the names of such killers never be mentioned again.
Rest in peace, Trayvon Martin.


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